DIY : Faux Rock Wall



 My favorite show to watch is HGTV. I saw an episode when a girl painted on a faux rock wall. It looked awesome and I wanted one in my living room. I am looked for other options, cause it took her a week to do the wall, and with kids , a job and running everywhere. I find A wall paper that is screen printed to look like a rock wall. I was very skeptical at first , I did not think it would look good. I am so happy I decided to get this product and it comes with everything I need. It looks awesome and most think it is a real rock wall. You can find it here Platin Art Wall Mural Deco Wall, Stone Wall, 8-Feet 4-Inch by 12-Feet . It is easy to do , and took me an hour.

It comes with the glue to brush on the back. You just need to mix it with water and let it sit for 20 minutes.

I matched up all the pieces, it comes in 8 sheets, I numbered them and set aside. I painted on the glue and hung each one up ,cutting any excess at the bottom.

and the shelves we put up are from Home Depot ,but not done with them yet, The will wrap around the wall. The lights are rope lights bought at big lots on clearance. :) great for accent lighting


DIY : Redo An Old Faucet to Look New




Do you have a faucet you just hate?? is it old and rusty or just plain old ugly? here is a cheap solution to redo it.

What you need

3M sanding block

Rustoleum Rusty Metal Primer

Metallic Brilliant Metal Finish  (which ever color you choose)

Rustoleum Lacquer Hi-Gloss (for metal)


tools to take faucet apart.

Sand down the faucet ,make sure to get all the areas nice and scuffed.

next , wash and dry them and tape off the areas, you do not want painted like the stems that go under sink.   and  put the knobs in the “off” position so the paint  does not gum up the opening/closing function.

lightly spray the one side with primer ,let it dry , (about 4 hours) than flip and paint the other side.

next do the same with your paint color you choose & let dry for 8 hours.

than spray the high gloss lacquer on and let dry . Now you will have a beautiful new sink that will match your bathroom and you can clean it with lysol wipes and other cleansers. :)

How to redo a Bathroom Vanity



I know some of you know, we have been remodeling an old restaurant in a home. This was in our one bathroom and I was so happy to see it go. lol. Some paint, A sink we got from a friend, New Faucet and some handles from lowes.  You can turn those old, warn out items into a new, fresh item.

paint cabinets, I always use mold & mildew paint from Lowe’s as it is easier to clean and great for areas that get wet. Some new handles cost under $6.00. and you can look at yard sales, thrift stores, or online yard sale groups for sinks. We did have to get a new faucet, as the faucet we had before was a 4 inch and the new sink had an 8 in spread for the holes.

end results




How to Do a Zebra Pattern




Use white paint and black & this stencil Delta Creative Stencil Magic Accents 4×6: Zebra Print  to create a zebra striped dresser, do it in pink & white , purple 7 black ,green 7 black . let your imagination go wild.

How to make clay pot people



This are adorable. I was searching everywhere to see how to make these &  could not find the original site to where these are from. I do find this tutorial for making clay pot people. I will use this as a guide.  This is a project my kids and I will be doing over the summer.

DIY-Graduation Through the Years Photo Display



Buy  a poster board and some  stickers from ac moore, walmart, michael’s and use tape or glue. I bought a black board and used double sided tape on the pictures. I also used stickers for the words up top.




see how to make this DIY PALLET SOFA 




Clothes Pins

Hot Glue

Led Light bulb

Or Lamp

Make your own design or use these ones. If you make one we would love to see a picture of your’s also.





Pond Planter.You can pick up all supplies at any walmart, target, home improvement store/ Nice for those plants you need to have in water to grow. :)




I love this. I have done this for an extra coach in kids room also. You can get big blocks of foam at craft and fabric stores and cut them to size. Then you can sew covers for them.  I would also suggest using a full piece of board for back instead of pallet. You can pick them up at any home improvement store.

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